Inland Burnett Climate

The Inland Burnett is classed as sub-tropical with long summers and mild winters. Rainfall is summer dominant with about 70% falling between October and March.  The rainfall is highly variable and this is due in particular to high intensity summer storms. (O’Sullivan, Schmidt and Priaulx, 2002)

The average annual temperature is 20°C. The summer average temperature is 25°C, autumn 21°C, winter 15°C and spring 21°C.  (Department of Environment and Heritage Protection)

Frosts occur across most of the region.  Low lying areas have the highest number and severest frost.  Occasional frosts occur in May and September.  Frosts vary markedly with location.  Higher areas where cool air drains away on cold nights can have very few frosts and area capable of growing many frost sensitive tropical plants.  In contrast, low lying areas can be subject to very severe frost. (O’Sullivan, Schmidt and Priaulx, 2002)